The Fully Connected CGF
A Breakthrough Graphical User Interface
Layered modular architecture

Why DirectCGF

  • Disruptive Computer Generated Forces for high fidelity battlespace generation
  • Maximizing reuse and productivity gains with breakthrough user interface
  • Tactical Data Link automatic and intelligent behavior
  • Powerful simulation engine based on Directsim (French MoD middleware)
  • Fully interoperable (HLA/DIS, SIMPLE, CBML, DDS)
  • Open and modular architecture for end user plug-in addition
  • Ready to use set of models through dedicated bundle (platforms, sensors, weapons, electronic warfare, communication)
  • Ready to interface with leading market solutions for multi-level tactical simulation


  • Generation and animation of advanced entities behaviors (cinematic, weapon system, tactical data link) to improve training applications (Simulators or LVC) with more complex and realistic synthetic environments.
  • Design of future systems or systems of systems and evaluation of performances through Battlelab environment.
  • Test and stimulation of operational systems in a fully or partially simulated environment.

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Network Centric

Combine TACTX and DirectCGF to advance armed forces network centric capabilities learn more


More than 1 000 000 users of the 3D mapping engine integrated on the French Geoportail of IGN learn more