A full catalog of platforms
for a wide range of operational environments

Air force pack

Develop high-fidelity scenarios to bring a real-world training environment to the pilots

Army pack

Use 3D visualization to be connected to the battlespace

Navy pack

Build tactical simulation to act decisively

Homeland security pack

Simulate highly-realistic crisis situations to overcome evolving security threats

Air Traffic Management pack

Create different ATM scenarios to reach safety and efficiency

Shemat Use Cases


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New platforms design

  • Search for existing or similar platform in the catalog with advanced filtering options
  • Define new platforms general information (name, type, dimensions, linked documents)
  • Defines kinematic parameters
  • Define subsystems and relative position on platform: weapons, sensors, reflectors, decoy, jammer, communication systems, TDL units
  • Configure damage parameters (according to platform vulnerability and munitions performance)
  • Create specific behaviors
  • Defines payload capabilities for embarking other platforms
  • Define 2D and 3D representations
  • Define parameters exposed for interoperability

Simulation of automated entities

  • TDL entities publish their PPLI, and state of resources to participating entities
  • Tracks detected by sensors of “non C2” entities can be transmitted and correlated by “C2” entities
  • Correlated tracks can be forwarded to “non C2” entities improving their perception and allowing them to adapt behavior as in real life
  • “C2” entities may take control of “non C2” entities and proceed mission assignment
  • Mark Points, Pointers, Free text, threat warning can be transmitted to entities allowing them to react accordingly

2D / 3D visualisations

  • Import raster, vector and elevation data from various file formats and protocols (DTED, GEOTIFF, WFS, WMS, Openflight, 3DS, VRML, OBJ)
  • Unlimited database dimension, raster, vectors and 3D models are dynamically loaded from hard drive or network
  • 2D Top view and Vertical view
  • 3D view (platform view, image sensor output, free navigation on virtual globe)
  • 2D or 3D models imported from usual graphics formats (openflight, 3DS, VRML, OBJ, SVG)