Network-centric battlespace simulation

Fully interoperable CGF ready to connect with leading market solutions

  • Simulation interoperability standards (DIS, HLA 1.3, HLA 1516 2000 and 2010...)
  • C2 systems (CBML, MSDL)
  • Tactical Data Links (L16, L11, L22, VMF, SIMPLE)
  • Real platforms for embedded simulation (DDS)

Extensive array of numerical models for complex scenarios creation

  • Catalogs of Air, Land, Navy and Civil preconfigured platforms and systems
  • Capability to configure and assemble new platforms from elementary parts (cinematic, weapons, sensors, reflectors, decoy, jammer, communication systems, tactical data link units, damages...)
  • Environment services provided for full environment consistency between numerical models and graphical representation

From virtual simulation to real behaviors

  • Simulation engine based on DirectSim, French MoD environment for simulation development
  • Entity and scenario level behaviors can be defined and built graphically
  • Set of preexisting behaviors: waypoints, hippodrome, homing 2D/3D, interception 2D/3D, embark/disembark, constant altitude above terrain, evasive action, formation...

Full set of visualization capabilities

  • 2D/3D tactical visualization with symbolic or realistic rendering through multiple layers
  • 3D visualization from entity perspective, optical sensors or god view with fully 3D environment
  • 2D top view and synchronized vertical view for Air scenarios
  • Simulation modelling standards (OFLT, 3DS, OBJ, SVG , VRML, VMAP)

Breakthrough with actual CGF/SAF for Cost-effective scenarios creation

  • Focuses on keeping things as simple as possible by providing users with the right tool at the right moment
  • A mosaic accessible from the start page organizes the work in independent activities such as designing a scenario, executing a scenario, designing or modifying a platform
  • Process oriented tasks providing common methods of work for all activities
  • Modern GUI compatible with touch screen and new operating systems GUI

High-fidelity scenarios generation

  • Graphical edition of scenarios with fully interactive definition of forces, behaviors and theater of operations
  • Interactive preview in 2D/3D with multiple windows
  • Scenario files based on standards and human readable formats (XML)

Tactical Data Links services for Network-centric approach

  • PPLI / Blue force tracking
  • Resources monitoring
  • Detection, correlation and transmission of tracks
  • Entity control
  • Mission assignation
  • Transmission of mark point, pointers, free text messages
  • Threat warning