A full range of versions is available from runtime to all included edition features.


Specific Options

Specific options are available dealing with Tactical Data Link (TDL) capability.

In addition to standard entities models and behaviors libraries, DirectCGF offers a set of options with more specific GUI, scenarios, platforms and dedicated features in different fields.
By default, DirectCGF is supplied with one (1) package selected by the customer at purchase.

Advanced simulation module dedicated to network-centric operations

Tactical Data Links services:

  • PPLI / Blue force tracking
  • Resources monitoring
  • Detection, correlation and transmission of tracks
  • Entity control
  • Mission assignation
  • Transmission of mark point, pointers, free text messages
  • Threat warning

Tactical Data Links implementation:

  • Generic for messages content and rules definition (LX)
  • Compliant with TDL STANAG, MILSTAND (L16, L11, L22, VMF, JREAP) and SIMPLE