A step further for Computer Generated Forces

Aix-en-Provence, February 13th, 2015 – DIGINEXT announces today the release of DirectCGF Winter Edition, the new modular, usable and powerful Computer Generated Forces product.

Developed with latest user interface design guidelines and technologies, DirectCGF Winter Edition delivers effective new tools and streamlined workflows to help increase overall productivity for supporting the design of future systems, generating tactical forces for training or testing real systems scenarios.

Key characteristics of DirectCGF Winter Edition:

- New activity "Platform Architect" used to design and parameterize systems and platforms.

- Performance improvements (Less memory consumption, faster simulation integration)

- Add external geographical data sources (Open street maps, WMS)

- Generic data link models (PPLI, Mission assignment, ...)

- Capability to design a scenario in relative to a reference point

- Provides new measuring tools (Map scale, Range/Bearing, ...)

- New behaviours (Embark, Disembark, Join up with a formation, Break away)

- Improved user experience (Control all models at runtime)